LESC Rehab Center New York

LESC is a rehab center founded in 1959 to treat individuals affected by drugs or alcohol, mental illness and HIV.

LESC operates on the motto to provide good health and to restart lives both in social and economical manner for individuals habited to substance abuse and mental illness.

LESC Believes Addiction Is A Treatable Disease

LESC believes in their ideology that addiction is a treatable disease which has multiple effects on social, physical, spiritual, and emotional factors in life.

They offer various program to treat the individuals accordingly.

A treatment plan is proposed after the in-depth analysis of the individual. Options include:

  • Outpatient and residential treatment programs
  • Ultra modern treatment
  • Counseling
  • Housing assistance.

Outpatient treatment is offered in a very effective manner for individuals who are committed to restart their lives.


Three Outpatient Services Are Conducted:

Opioid Recovery Services (ORS) –

is a program conducted for individuals who require methadone treatment support for recovery.  It provides multiple programs for methadone to assistance treatment.

DRS (Dual Recovery Services) –

is a program offered for people seeking recovery from addiction to drugs & alcohol and people affected with a pro-longed mental illness. DRS restores goodness, hope, and encouragement to sustain their lives.

Wellness in Motion –

is a different program conducted at LESC. Its goal is to reach people suffering from HIV disease & mental disorders and to treat individuals seeking recovery from physical abuse. It is a mobile-based program to treat individuals affected with these issues.

Residential treatment –

provides a secure, healthy and friendly environment for individuals dependent on substance. LESC staff educate them to understand the mistakes they’ve made in the past and to make them self-responsible. It has a caring team to work with the people.

The philosophy of the staff at LESC is to interact with clients daily and to create a safe base. Within the daily interaction, clients can begin the recovery process and build trust in each other.

Su Casa Methadone-to-Abstinence Rehabilitation –

is designed to last about 12 – 18 months to make substance-free individuals.

Short Stay Methadone Residence –

is a treatment conducted for men’s and women’s seeking assistance for methadone treatment and the length of treatment is about 6 – 12 months.

Pregnant Women and Infants Program (PWIP) –

is conducted for pregnant women habited to Opioid to recover them from addiction and pave them healthy measure for babies. Recovery time is designed for 6 – 12 months.

The Round Kids Club –

is offered to provide a recovery process for kids.


LESC is accredited by Commission of Accredited Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). LESC has been involved in this venture for more than 50 years. The history of this organization speaks volumes of work done over the past.

LESC Admin office is located on 80 Maiden Lane in New York,NY.

To contact the administrative officer for any queries, please dial: 212.566.LESC (5372) or to learn more about LESC, please visit their website at www.lesc.org.

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