El Regreso Rehab Center in New York

El Regreso Inc is a rehab center formed in 1986 to provide treatment for drugs and alcoholism.

Its motto is to help the individuals to alter their mind from negativity, to correct bad behavior and to make them concentrate on positive things, moral values and be responsible.

El Regreso provides two types of treatment – residential treatment and ambulatory programs. Residential treatment is provided separately for both men and women.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment provides services including:

  • Individual / family counseling is carried out on daily basis to update the treatment plan according to their improvement level.
  • Group therapy is conducted to make everyone comfortable and healthy with one another.
  • Employment and training assistance is provided by the counselors with various activities like skill development, group activities, and self-utilization.
  • AIDS counseling is conducted to provide motivation and support to individuals who may be suffering from a drug-related HIV infection.

The main ideology of residential orientation is to pave way for new life with more acceptances to positive factors, self control, attitude and behavioral changes, to deal with anger, loneliness and fear.

El Regreso Rehab Center in New York

Quality and effective treatment programs are conducted with goals to educate, guide, train, and create responsible citizens for society. The objective is to educate patients on a strict code of ethics/philosophy, the need to follow rules and regulation, maintain proper dress code, and so on. The staff guides them to work on all forms in dining, maintenance, service crew, and etc.

Al residents work in jobs on a shift basis.

Ambulatory Program

The Ambulatory care center is named “Julio Martinez”, and treatment is conducted in terms of about six months. The center also provides lots of services from individual/group counseling, assistance, therapy, and so on.

El Regreso is licensed by Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse in New York State (OASAS) and is funded by United States Department of Housing and Urban Department (USHUD).

On a positive note, the treatment program is conducted on a strict policy in an effective life teaching manner.

El Regreso is located on the 189-191 South 2nd Street in Brooklyn, New York (Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint).

To speak to the administrative officer for any queries or to make appointment for you / your loved one, please call: (718)-384-6400.

To get more information about the organization, please visit www.elregresoinc.com.

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