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Buy Xanax, No Prescription Needed…REALLY?

The internet is home to many advertisements that can be considered a bit exaggerated. Some may say this is the nature of advertising and, to an extent, such a sentiment is true.

Unfortunately, exaggerations found in advertisements leads many to be dismissive of ALL claims they see online.

For example, when a website promotes the sale of Xanax without a prescription, many will assume this is simply not possible. After all, Xanax is a prescription-only anti-anxiety drug.

How could someone acquire a Benzo like this – without a prescription?

Honestly, ads on legitimate sites offering Xanax without prescription actually do a little more than just offer these orders without a prescription. They offer them via an online prescription. So, a prescription is required and the service will aid in the process of acquiring one through an online method.

How Should It Work?

The process is a lot simpler than most will assume if they are not familiar with it. Basically, a prescription is written after the completion of an online consultation with a doctor.

The way the consultation works is the person seeking the prescription will fill out a very detailed questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask clear personal information about the symptoms the person is dealing with along with questions about the person’s medical history.

From this, the doctor can then make a decision. If the doctor does feel that Xanax is warranted to treat the issues the person is facing, a prescription will be written. As such, the term Xanax without prescription is not entirely accurate. The person might not have a prescription before the online consultation, but he or she will possibly be awarded one after the online consultation has been completed.

xanax and valium pillsOnce the prescription has been made available, it will need to be filled.

For those wondering if this will make things more complicated or cumbersome, the answer is a resounding no. The online prescription will then be transferred to an online pharmacy where it will be filled. The minute the prescription has been filled, it will be shipped. Even overnight shipping may be available depending on the location of where the order is to be delivered.

There is no reason to feel inconvenienced when looking to have a prescription filled. The online consultation process to acquire Xanax without prescription should clearly be indicative that it is not tough at all to acquire doctor recommended prescriptions in a less costly, convenient manner.

That said, online sales of prescription drugs have been out of control in recent years, and the FDA has cracked down – hard – on many sites selling drugs AND prescriptions from less than stellar doctors.

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