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Prescription Drug Abuse Is Out of Control

Prescription drug abuse is growing very quickly in the UK and the US, especially among teens. Today’s prescription drug landscape is vast and takes an army to monitor and control it.

Whether it’s mixing Xanax and Alcohol (a deadly combination), using cheap synthetic drugs like Mamba, Flakka and Spice, or abusing old-school narcotics like Ecstasy, Mollies and Cocaine – the dangers for teens are multiplying every day.

Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem that must be addressed along many fronts – education, awareness campaigns, free drug testing and counseling and medications to help addicts recover safely.  All of these play a role in making our society healthier and more productive.

This website is designed to help UK and US parents who are having problems with their kids. Our goal is to help them learn more about prescription drug abuse, the classic symptoms of addiction and the many resources available to help.

Drug abuse kills. Let’s stop this, together.

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