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Is Hyaluronic Acid All That It Claims To Be?

The opportunity to add a natural component to a skin care regime will always be appreciated by consumers that want to treat the signs of ageing or dry skin without using harsh chemicals. Hyaluronic Acid sounds like it should be harsh, but it is actually a safe, natural component that has become a popular ingredient in top skin care products. How is this substance being used and why is it so well-received with consumers in the beauty market

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

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HA, as it can be known, is a naturally occurring carbohydrate molecule that is found within our skin and connective tissue. This molecule binds to water with such strength that it can keep it within the skin or the joints, which means that the skin remains hydrated and the joints remain lubricated. The content of this molecule within the body, and therefore the ability to retain water and effectively maintain these functions, decreases with age. This means that it is important to replace what is lost, especially if the skin is becoming looser and the joints are seizing up. The best way to do this is with supplementation and skin care products.

Hyaluronic Acid for skin care and joint care.

The reason for this rise in Hyaluronic Acid skin care products is simple – this polymer is very effective at retaining moisture. By adding this compound to the skin, via lotions and serums, users have the chance to firm the skin and improve its softness and appearance. Users are adding a compound that fills in the lines, much like collagen and other fillers, and that locks in moisture as well as many moisturizing creams. This means that most reputable HA creams are essentially 2-in-1 products – efficient moisturizers and topical dermal fillers. An added benefit here is that this acid also contains a strong antioxidant count, so free-radical damage is addressed too.

Hyaluronic Acid may be most widely associated with skin care treatments, but there are other potential treatment options too. The beauty of this acid is that it play such a vital role within the entire body, from scalp and eyes down to knees and toes. Because it is a beneficial part of our connective tissue, its worth can be see across the body. As a result HA can be used as a component in a number of products that may halt the effects of ageing, besides moisturizers and anti-wrinkle serums. HA tablets for joints basically ensure that the joints retain the right amount of lubrication for good health. This can improve mobility and flexibility and there is also the potential for decreased pain.

hyaluronic acid in skin

The benefits of HA creams and supplements are clear.

There are many reasons why Hyaluronic Acid products are so appealing as an alternative anti-ageing compound. Not only does this compound offer an effective form of moisture  and protection against further damage, there are additional benefits that can be unlocked across the body and this this a safe, natural compound that belongs in the skin, rather than a questionable chemical. By using HA creams for skin care and HA supplements for joint care, you can enjoy a natural and beneficial aid against ageing.

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